FIRST! (And, Discourse ... Awesome)

Heeeey guys! That’s right FIRST POST!!

Saw Jules mentioned in Slack that an official Nexus forum has been setup on Discourse!

@Jules - as to your thought - “I’m not sure if people will want to use yet another chat/forum.” - I will say, I definitely will !!

While forums lack the “speed” of Slack & Discord (and similar live chat comm channels) - they are most excellent for archival information and longer term discussions on certain topics.

They’re also a great place to write things like guides, they serve similar purposes to documentation or wiki’s with a build in commentary immediately following the document.

I have always loved forums and I always will; and Discourse is probably the best choice for a modern forum, so good choice!

I will most certainly be using this place and hope many others do as well.

I will probably end up using this place as my primary point of contact for “support” for Orbital Scan.

If you guys wish to make me a moderator as well, I’d be happy to have that power :slight_smile:

Hell, give me full admin access while you’re at it. I swear you can trust me.

A couple quick comments, while it is a “discourse” forum - a better domain name might be “forum(s)” rather than - but you know, that’s just me being OCD.


This will take some getting use to @Psipherious but, i dislike how difficult it is to find information on slack.


That’s exactly what it is I love about forums. They’re better organized. And popular topics are easy to “catch up on”.

Think of all the times you missed something super important in Slack just cause you didn’t feel like reading back the past 5 days of conversation to figure out all that happened.

Forums usually have a better search engine, plus topics can be “stickied” and/or sorted into appropriate categories. It’s easy to reference back to topics from months or years ago even and see how the conversation went way back then.

BitcoinTalk is of course a great example of this.


@Videlicet, @Jules - I know I suggested “forum” and you already went and changed it, which I definitely think is better than “”, however I was perhaps too hasty in that suggestion and maybe something like “” or even “” would be even better? They just sound a little more friendly.

With that said, if you don’t wish to switch it yet again, perhaps creating a “community” web page with links to all the various contact platforms, #slack, twitter, etc & these forums would be a good idea.

Here’s an excellent reference example of what I mean:

Not changing it again :wink: it is

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Yep! HI ALL! :slight_smile:

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Hi community and friends, i’m guidi_six in slack and telegram and elmoSantorini in twitter, yes i’m the guy who translates to Spanish the app and many other things, good day and lets keep the good work, thank you for the forum

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