Stanley Meyer Hydrogen Fuel Cell

This paper explains the hydrogen fracturing process, describing how to use water as a source of fuel for automobiles. The efficiency is gained through resonance electrolysis, or utilizing resonance as a source of energy. It is my belief that this resonance is a way to tap into the atomic energy of an atom, like a battery. Remember:

E = mc^2

Energy = mass x (c = speed of light) squared.

The normal way we know how to release the energy of the atom is through fission or fusion processes, but there may be other ways.


Thanks for sharing viz, water seems to have all sorts interesting interactions. More to chew on. This seems to have relevance “The Super-Coherent State of Biological Water”. Discuses the interracial structure phenomenons of water in cells, and how the energetic of those structures (int he context of Quantum Elctro Dynamics) help engage molecular reactions. Also explains enantio-selectivity in biological systems (why biomolecules always have a specific “handedness”).

And talks about the observable/ex ractable electrical gradient:

“Furthermore, whereas non-coherent water is an almost perfect insulator and
chemically an oxidant, coherent water is a semi-conductor and chemically a reducer; the interface coherentwater/non-coherentwater is therefore a redox pile
and moreover a difference of electric potential can be found across it (estimated
to be included in the interval between 50 and 100 mV) [39].
On this basis, it has been developed a patented technique for extracting electrical energy from an aqueous electrolytic solution by twin Platinum (Pt) electrodes, mediated by oxygen molecules, a process called Oxhydroelectric Effect”
[40] [41], opening the way to the possibility of using this effect in practice as a
new type of “solar cells” operating in the infrared."

New Batteries too :wink: